Control room

Soundcraft Ghost LE 24 track analogue console

Protools 10 running on a Quad core – 16Gb DDR2 Ram custom built computer with 3 x 250Gig Hard Drive

API 3124+ 4 channel mic pre

Apogee Rosetta 800 8 channel AD/DA converter

Dig002 Firewire Control surface with full automation

Emperical labs distressor EL8S Stereo / Dual mono compressor/ limiter

Assorted Audio/Sample editing software Wavelab, Soundforge, Reason etc..

Selection of microphones inc. Neumann, Royer, Blue, Violet designs, Oktava, AKG, AudioTechnica, S.E. Electronics, Shure, Reslo

Many plugins, effects and instruments…too many to Slate digital / Waves


Mackie HR824 monitors
Yamaha NS10m monitors
AKG K 271 Studio Headphones


Maudio keystation pro 88 (weighted) Master keyboard
Large selection of real piano samples and synth modules


Mapex Mbirch drumkit
Zildjian and Sabian cymbals

Electric guitars

Fender Strat (60’s classic player) electric guitar
Gibson Sonex 180 deluxe electric guitar
Epiphone dot
Epiphone Wildkat
Telecaster electric guitar
1970’s Ibanez electric guitar
Line 6 Variax electric guitar

Bass guitars

Ibanez Soundgear Active Electric bass guitar
Epiphone Thunderbird bass guitar
Bass Factory active bass
1970’s CSL (Ibanez) electric bass guitar
Crafter acoustic bass guitar

Acoustic guitars

Aria Meister Acoustic guitar (Parlour)
Martin HD35 Acoustic guitar (Dreadnought)
Walden n550ce nylon classical guitar

Amps and cabs

1973 Orange OR120 vintage valve amp
1971 Marshall popular vintage valve combo amp
Blackstar HT5
Vox ADVT30 Modelling combo amplifier
Sound city PA50 MK IV Valve P.A. head converted for guitar/bass use
Peavey Backstage Guitar combo amp
Marshall 1912 1×12 cab
4×12 custom cab with celestion vintage 12 speakers

Fully isolated drum/vocal booth